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Linear Shafting (IH case hardened steel bars)

For decades, Northlake Steel has been producing precision case hardened steel linear shafting to tolerances as tight as .0002” – bar end to bar end.  While other competitors may claim they produce precision linear shafting, Northlake is the industry leader and #1 producer of precision linear shafting in North America, and the largest producer in the United States. All of our shafting is produced in the USA to the utmost demanding specifications.

  • Sizes from 0.375″ (3/8″) thru 4″ Rd. Larger diameters up to 12″ Rd upon request.
  • Our typical lengths are 17′ long. Longer lengths up to 40’+ upon request.
  • Carbon 1060 steel: 60-65 Rc surface hardness.
  • Stainless 440C steel: 50-55 Rc surface hardness.
  • Surface finish: 8 Ra max.
  • Straightness: .001″ per foot max.
  • Roundness: .00008″ is standard for classes #1, 2, 4, and deep case. .00005″ max for class #3.
  • Over 45 years of experience in manufacturing precision round steel bar products in the USA.
  • Shipped from the heartland in Northeast Ohio to all over the world.

Northlake offers the largest size range available, standard and metric, from a single domestic source.  Many sizes are available for immediate delivery, and special sizes can be produced to your specifications.  With two induction heat treating lines for bars and tubes, we can easily handle round products to 12” diameter.  We produce standard or deep case depths, and we can selectively harden bars or tubes where needed instead of the full length, so that areas that do not require hardening are easier to machine, saving you time and money.  We will also be happy to process your material – just call our sales department for a quote at 888-278.4682.

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