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Northlake can provide chrome plated, as well as nickel plated and special laser clad bars for better corrosion and abrasion resistance – the finishing touches to hydraulic cylinder rods and other shafting, bar, and tubing products.  We specialize in processing bars before and after cladding where our expertise results in products with consistent size and superior surface quality.  Lengths of clad bars are not limited to the size of plating tanks and are available to 75’.  Bars are available to 40′ and beyond.

Chrome plated bar specifications:

  • Diameters: 1″ Rd thru 16″ Rd.
  • Lengths: up to 40′ and beyond upon request.
  • Steel Grades: 10V45 (75,000 PSI min yield strength). 1045 (50,000 PSI min yield strength). 4140HT (100,000 PSI yield strength is typical).
  • Chrome thickness: .001″ min per side is typical.
  • Surface finish: 12 Ra max. Additional parameters can be achieved upon request (Rz, Rpk, Rvk, Rmr, etc).
  • Straightness: .001″ to .002″ per foot.

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