Rough Turning


Rough turning of steel bars is a crucial machining process designed to remove excess material and shape the workpiece to a semi-finished condition.  This method involves the rapid removal of stock from the outer diameter of the steel bar, typically using a lathe or turning machine equipped with robust cutting tools.

Precision Material Removal: Rough turning is employed in the early stages of the manufacturing process to efficiently eliminate excess material from the steel bar, providing a foundation for subsequent precision machining.  This initial rough shaping enhances the efficiency of the overall production cycle, optimizing the use of resources and minimizing waste.

Dimensional Accuracy: The rough turning process plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired dimensional accuracy of the final product.  It ensures that the steel bar’s outer diameter conforms to specified tolerances, laying the groundwork for subsequent machining operations that will further refine the shape and size of the workpiece.  This is especially useful for closed die forgers.

Surface Finish Improvement: While the primary objective of rough turning is material removal, it also contributes to an enhanced surface finish.  Though not always the final finishing step, rough turning establishes a baseline for surface quality, reducing imperfections and irregularities that may be present in the raw material.

Versatility in Applications: Rough turning is employed across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and equipment manufacturing.  Its versatility makes it a fundamental step in the production of components that require precision and reliability.

Overall, rough turning steel bars is a foundational machining step that sets the stage for subsequent precision operations. This process efficiently shapes the material, enhances machinability, ensures dimensional accuracy, and contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

Northlake Steel Rough Turning

  • Up to 30” diameter.
  • Lengths up to 75′ long.
  • Supplied as the following products:
    • Turned only (RT)
    • Turned & Polished (T&P) or Turned & Burnished (T&B) or Turned & Machine Straightened (TMS)
    • Turned, Ground & Polished (TGP)
    • Turned, Ground & Polished + Induction Hardened (TGP-IH)
    • Turned, Ground & Polished + Chrome Plated & Induction Hardened + Chrome Plated

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