Plating & Cladding

Plating & Cladding

Northlake offers a full line of plating services to meet the most demanding applications in the fluid power industry.  Hard Chrome plating is available in common thicknesses of .0005” and .001” minimum per side or heavier, depending on the application.  We have supplied cylinder rods with as much as .007” chrome plating per side.

We can also provide Nickel/Chrome plating, as well as special cladding of cylinder rods, bars and tubes for use in severe environments such as off shore drilling rigs, mining, and heavy construction equipment.  This added corrosion protection extends the useful life of these products and is often a cost-effective solution.

Northlake Steel specializes in processing bars before and after laser cladding.  Our expertise results in the straightest bars in the industry, with consistent size and superior surface quality. Lengths of clad bars are not limited to the size of plating tanks and are available up to 75’ long.

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