Induction Heat Treating

Induction Heat Treating

With two induction heat-treating lines for bars and tubes, we can easily handle round products to 12” diameter x 75’ long.  We produce standard or deep case depths, and we can selectively harden bars or tubes where needed instead of the full length.  This will ensure areas that do not require hardening are easier to machine, saving you time and money.  We will also be happy to process your material – just call our sales department for a quote!  

  • Induction Hardening
    • Up to 12” Rd x 75’ long
    • Surface hardness up to 65 Rc, based on grade and product.
    • Deep case available to depths of .250” and beyond.
    • Selective hardening available where we can leave sections or ends of the bars “soft” for easier machining down the road.
    • Bars are precision straightened after induction hardening.

Click here to watch our video demonstration of an induction hardened bar.

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