Industry Glossary Terms

Centerless Bar Grinding

Centerless bar grinding is a method used to remove material.  Unlike centered grinding, there is no spindle.  The metal or workpiece is placed between the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel.  It is supported by the work blade.  The wheels are tilted at various angles to achieve the desired effect.

Cold Finished Steel

The process of re-working steel without using heat.  These processes are typically identified as cold drawn; turned, ground and polished; centerless ground; and turned.  Depending on the process, cold finishing can be used to improve surface finish, straightness, and mechanical properties.

Cold Drawn

The process of pushing and pulling a hot rolled steel bar through a die with an exit diameter of lesser size than the hot roll.   This process produces a clean uniform surface, tighter than hot roll size tolerance, an overall increase in mechanical properties (ex: tensile and yield strength), and enhanced machinability.

Induction Hardening/Heat Treating

Induction hardening/heat treating is a process used for surface hardening.  The bar or tube is run through an electromagnetic induction coil and then immediately quenched.  The electromagnet is used to create alternating current (AC) to pass through the metal.  Eddy currents are generated within the metal, causing resistance and leading to Joule heating of the metal. The frequency of the AC can be changed depending on the size, metal type and depth needed.

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is a process that bonds together dissimilar materials.  A powder, usually with a metallic nature, or a wire feedstock material is melted and injected into the system. The laser coats the specified parts with the powder.

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