CF Cleanup & Stock Removal

Often we’re asked by customers what amount of CF Cleanup & Amount of Stock Removal is needed to make their cold finished end use product.  Hot rolled steel bars inherently come out of the mill with a rough, abrasive, discolored & dirty surface.  These bar can have seams, scabs, and other defects.  Cold finished bars like TGP, T&P, chrome plated CPO & IH-CP, and linear shafting must be free of all hot roll defects and will have a smoother surface finish.

CF Cleanup & Amount of Stock Removal Needed

Standard carbon grades such as 10xx – examples like 1018, 1045, & 1060.

Standard alloy grades such as 41xx & 43xx – examples like 4130, 4150, & 4340.

Resulphurized grades such as 11xx & 12xx – examples like 1144 & 1215.

How to Calculate CF Cleanup & Amount of Stock Removal That’s Needed

If you know what your finish CF bar size is, you can calculate it accordingly:

For standard carbon & alloy grades, you multiply your finish size x 1.032.

For resulphurized grades, you multiply your finish size x 1.048.

As an example, to make a 3″ diameter 1045 TGP bar, you would multiply 3 x 1.032 = 3.096.  This will give you your minimum starting hot roll bar size of 3.096″ diameter.  Based on actual rolling mill sizes, you would likely want to start with a 3.125″ HR bar.  Always choose a larger diameter HR size than the calculated minimum to ensure proper cleanup… avoid “cheating” on starting size because you could end up at your finish size and still have hot roll seams or defects!  It’s better to be safe than sorry by not putting time & resources into processing a bar, only to have it unusable in the end.

These calculations are based on the generally accepted industry standard for seam depth in steel bars.  We would highly recommend that you contact us here at Northlake Steel to discuss your individual project or requirement.  We’re happy to walk you through the process and provide more detailed insight and help on a more personal level.   Call us today for a free quote or even if you just need help with any questions you might have in regards to this top or cold finished steel bars in general.

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