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CF Cleanup & Stock Removal

NSC Cleanup for CF bars

Often we’re asked by customers what amount of CF Cleanup & Amount of Stock Removal is needed to make their cold finished end use product.  Hot rolled steel bars inherently come out of the mill with a rough, abrasive, discolored & dirty surface.  These bar can have seams, scabs, and other defects.  Cold finished bars like TGP, […]

CF Steel Bar Website Redesign

Northlake Homepage

We are happy to announce the relaunching of our website to better serve our CF Steel Bar customers!                               We thank you for your interest. The newly redesigned website will: Improve user experience. Improve load times. Be responsive for all mobile, tablet, […]

What’s a Cold Finished Steel Bar?

Northlake TGP closeup

What’s Cold Finished Steel Bar? Types of Cold Finished Bars: Many times we hear this term in the steel industry, but many times people will wonder, “What’s Cold Finished Steel Bar, exactly?”  There are three main types of cold finished (CF) categories.  First, are cold drawn (CD) bars, which represent the largest in the way […]