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Tolerances Charts


Turned, Ground and Polished Shafting TG&P Stock Items Nominal Tolerance 1045 4140HT 1/2” .4985/.4995 x 5/8” .6235/.6245 x 3/4” .7485/.7495 x 7/8” .8735/.8745 x 1” .9985/.9995 x x 1-1/8” 1.1235/1.1245 x 1-3/16” 1.1860/1.1870 x x 1-1/4” 1.2485/1.2495 x x 1-3/8” 1.3735/1.3745 x 1-7/16” 1.4360/1.4370 x x 1-1/2” 1.4985/1.4995 x x 1-11/16” 1.6855/1.6870 x 1-3/4” 1.7480/1.7495 […]

Conversion Charts

Northlake mm to inch conversion chart

The following Conversion Charts provide useful steel related information and references for products we regularly stock. Hardness Conversion Charts Click here to view and print a handy hardness conversion chart which includes conversions for Rockwell C (HRc), Rockwell A (HRa), Brinell (Bhn), Vickers (Hv), Scleroscope.  Also includes approximate tensile strength values. Millimeter to Inch Conversion Charts Click here […]

Industry Glossary Terms


Centerless Bar Grinding Centerless bar grinding is a method used to remove material.  Unlike centered grinding, there is no spindle.  The metal or workpiece is placed between the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel.  It is supported by the work blade.  The wheels are tilted at various angles to achieve the desired effect. Cold Finished […]

Industry Information


      Below are a few links that we find useful. These web sites and institutions have a lot of information to keep you up to date on both the domestic and international steel markets. Industry News The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) is a political advocate for American manufacturing companies.  AISI publishes […]

Press Release – Cold Drawn Squares

CD Squares

Read Our Press Release Detailing Expanded Cold Drawn Square Offerings Northlake Steel Expands Service Offering, Plans for Additional Growth in Product Availability Northlake Steel Corporation’s long-standing experience with cold drawn steel, paired with their commitment to quality, results in the best total cost solution for customers. VALLEY CITY, OHIO (PRWEB) MARCH 08, 2016 Northlake Steel Corporation […]