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Surface Finish of Cold Finished Steel


Surface Finish of Cold Finished Steel In previous posts we’ve discussed the features of cold finished steel bars.  Now we’ll get into more details of one important feature, which is the surface finish of cold finished steel. You can review what a cold finished steel bar is here:   Surface Finish Probably the easiest of […]

How is Cold Drawn Steel Made?

Northlake Cold Draw Bench

How is Cold Drawn Steel Made? Information about cold drawn steel bars Of all “cold finished” steel bars, cold drawn bars make up the largest production in the way of sheer tonnage and usage.  “Cold finished” bars consist of cold drawn , turned ground & polished, turned & ground, turned & polished, or rough turned. […]

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod and Chrome Plated Bar

Northlake hydraulic cylinder rod

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod. Are you searching for hydraulic cylinder rods?  You’ve come to the right place.  Northlake Steel manufactures chrome plated (CPO) and induction hardened + chrome plated (IH-CP) cylinder rods.  All of our bars are produced using precision centerless grinding and polishing methods, giving us the ability to produce the highest quality hydraulic cylinder […]

Shafting Ground Finer than a Human Hair

Northlake TGP tighter than a human hair

Steel Shafting Ground Finer than a Human Hair “Precision Shafting Ground to a Tolerance Finer than a Human Hair.” ® Here at Northlake Steel, we take pride in our ability to produce the highest quality steel shafting ground finer than a human hair. We coined the phrase “precision shafting ground to a tolerance finer than a human […]

CF Cleanup & Stock Removal

NSC Cleanup for CF bars

Often we’re asked by customers what amount of CF Cleanup & Amount of Stock Removal is needed to make their cold finished end use product.  Hot rolled steel bars inherently come out of the mill with a rough, abrasive, discolored & dirty surface.  These bar can have seams, scabs, and other defects.  Cold finished bars like TGP, […]

What’s a Cold Finished Steel Bar?

Northlake TGP closeup

What’s Cold Finished Steel Bar? Types of Cold Finished Bars: Many times we hear the term “cold finished” in the steel industry, but many times people will wonder, “What’s a Cold Finished Steel Bar, exactly?”  There are three main types of cold finished (CF) categories.  First, are cold drawn (CD) bars, which represent the largest […]

Tolerances Charts


Turned, Ground and Polished Shafting TG&P Stock Items Nominal Tolerance 1045 4140HT 1/2” .4985/.4995 x 5/8” .6235/.6245 x 3/4” .7485/.7495 x 7/8” .8735/.8745 x 1” .9985/.9995 x x 1-1/8” 1.1235/1.1245 x 1-3/16” 1.1860/1.1870 x x 1-1/4” 1.2485/1.2495 x x 1-3/8” 1.3735/1.3745 x 1-7/16” 1.4360/1.4370 x x 1-1/2” 1.4985/1.4995 x x 1-11/16” 1.6855/1.6870 x 1-3/4” 1.7480/1.7495 […]

Conversion Charts

Northlake mm to inch conversion chart

The following Conversion Charts provide useful steel related information and references for products we regularly stock. Hardness Conversion Charts Click here to view and print a handy hardness conversion chart which includes conversions for Rockwell C (HRc), Rockwell A (HRa), Brinell (Bhn), Vickers (Hv), Scleroscope.  Also includes approximate tensile strength values. Millimeter to Inch Conversion Charts Click here […]