Value Added Processes

All of Northlake Steel’s capabilities have been acquired and developed, through decades of processing, to complement and support our goal to be the premier supplier of precision ground bar and tubing.  Our ability to offer these capabilities individually, or in any combination that you require, is what sets us apart.

Value added services include:

  • Shot blasting
    • Removes all rust, scale and dirt from steel surfaces.
    • Rounds, flats, squares, hex & OD of tubing.
    • Length: 10′ min to 43.5′ max.
    • From 1/2″ round (or similar equivalent) and up.
  • Bundle demagnetizing
    • Aim for +/- 10 Gauss.
    • Length: up to 40’+ long.
    • Max bundle diameter 29.5″
  • Precision straightening
    • Depending on the product, .001″ per foot and .010″ max TIR.
    • Lengths: up to 75’+ long.
    • Bar diameters: up to 16″ Rd (depending on grade and hardness).
    • Tubing: 19.25″ OD (depending on grade, hardness, and wall).
    • Click here for more information about straightening.
  • Polishing (cork wheel and belt polishing)
    • Diameters: up to 16″ Rd.
    • 10-20 Ra finish is standard.
    • Super polishing is available.
    • Click here for more information about surface finish.
    • Click here for more information about Ra finish.
  • Production cutting and chamfering
    • High speed cutting up to 2.125″ diameter x 6′ long.
    • Cutting tolerances: +/-.005″
    • Heat treated and case hardened bars cut as well.
  • Band saw cutting
    • Diameters: up to 20″ Rd.
    • Lengths: 75’+ long.
    • Tolerances: +1/8″ / -0″ is standard.
  • Intermediate and finish machining
    • Machine per print.
  • Toll processing
    • All customer supplied material is welcome!
Shot Blasting

Shot Blasted Structural Steel

It has been a goal of ours to never turn down a job because it is unusual. In fact, we have grown as a company to accommodate these needs. The latest expansion and upgrades to the Northlake facility allow us to handle longer lengths, larger diameters, unusual grades, and many other secondary processes, enabling us to better meet our customers’ changing requirements.

Do you have aged, slow moving inventory?  Why not have it turned, ground, drawn, and/or polished to a more usable size or condition?  The next time you are reviewing your inventory, keep Northlake Steel in mind.  We may be able to help you turn your old inventory into cash.





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