Cold Drawing

Cold Drawing

Northlake has one of the largest draw benches in America capable of cold drawing to 6” diameter rounds in lengths to 40’.  All bars are cleaned by shot blasting before drawing to remove hot mill scale then pulled through a carbide die which results in a product with higher tensile and yield strength , smoother surface finish and closer size tolerance.  Bars are then straightened on one of our 2-roll straighteners, saw cut to length to produce a clean, usable end, oiled and shipped.  As with everything we do, customer supplied bars are always welcome.

Northlake is pleased to announce our newest product, cold drawn squares!  Produced with the same high quality as our cold drawn rounds, our squares meet or exceed ASTM A108 tolerances.  Check back often because we’ll soon be producing cold drawn flats and more cold drawn hexagons.

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