Linear Shafting

Case Hardened Linear Shafting (60 Rc)

Northlake Steel 60 Rc case hardened linear shafting is manufactured to extremely close size, straightness, and roundness tolerances.  Our linear shafting is designed for use in motion & control applications or any application requiring surface wear resistance and bearing precision.

Case hardened linear shafting

Case hardened linear shafting

Induction Hardened

Northlake’s state-of-the-art induction hardening lines produce uniform case depths and consistent hardness end to end. 60-65 Rc hardness in carbon product and 50-55 Rc in 440C stainless steel. Northlake will custom manufacture to your hardness and case depth specifications.


Standard stock grades include 1060 carbon and 440C stainless.  Other grades are available upon request.


Northlake has one of the largest inventories and size ranges in North America.  We can process 0.158” to 12” and 4mm to 300mm.  Standard linear shafting starts at 3/16″ and goes up to 4″ diameter.  Please see below for a size table showing some of our standard finished stock items, but we also carry a large inventory of raw material and can make any size to order.

Special sizes are available upon request.

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Linear Shafting Stock Items

1060 Standard Linear Shafting Sizes

Nominal SizeClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
3/16”.1870/.1865– – -*– – -*– – -*
1/4”.2495/.2490.2490/.2485*.2500/.2498*– – -*
3/8”.3745/.3740.3740/.3735.3750/.3748– – -*
1/2”.4995/.4990.4990/.4985.5000/.4998– – -*
5/8”.6245/.6240.6240/.6235.6250/.6248*– – -*
7/8”.8745/.8740.8740/.8735.8750/.8748*– – -*
1-1/8”1.1245/1.12401.1240/1.1235*1.1250/1.1248*– – -*
1-3/8”1.3745/1.37401.3740/1.3735*1.3750/1.3747*– – -*
1-3/4”1.7495/1.74901.7490/1.74851.7500/1.7497*– – -*
2-1/4”2.2493/2.24852.2485/2.2477*2.2500/2.2496*– – -*
2-1/2”2.4993/2.49852.4985/2.49772.5000/2.4996– – -*
2-3/4”2.7493/2.74852.7485/2.7477*2.7500/2.7496*– – -*
3”2.9992/2.99832.9983/2.99743.0000/2.9996– – -*
3-1/2”3.4990/3.49803.4980/3.4970*– – -*– – -*
4”3.9988/3.99763.9976/3.9964– – -*– – -*
1060 Metric Sizes
Nominal SizeClass M
5 mm.1969/.1965*
6 mm.2362/.2358*
8 mm.3150/.3146
10 mm.3937/.3932
12 mm.4724/.4720
16 mm.6299/.6295
18 mm.7087/.7082
20 mm.7874/.7869
25 mm.9843/.9838
30 mm1.1811/1.1806
32 mm1.2598/1.2593*
35 mm1.3779/1.3774*
40 mm1.5748/1.5743
50 mm1.9685/1.9679
60 mm2.3622/2.3615
80 mm3.1496/3.1489
440C Stainless
Nominal SizeClass 1


*Please inquire for availability

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Recent Updates

Northlake Steel 40th Anniversary

Northlake Steel 40th Anniversary

Congratulations for the Northlake Steel 40th Anniversary of Producing Cold Finished Steel Bar Products!

Northlake Steel 40th Anniversary


Northlake Steel Corporation started in 1977 as a 10,000 square foot facility in Mentor, Ohio with a handful of machines and operators producing turned, ground, and polished steel shafting.  In 1979, we relocated to a 40,000 square foot facility in Valley View.  To complement the existing services already offered, we added additional centerless turning and induction hardening capabilities.  We moved into our current facility in Valley City in 1995, an 82,000 square foot facility for manufacturing cold finished steel shafting.  At that time, we installed a cold drawing line to produce cold drawn bars up to 6” round.  In 2013, we added 45,000 square feet to improve manufacturing efficiencies and allowed us to install additional equipment.  We also added 4500 square feet of cold storage to increase our existing floor space and improve material flow. We currently have over 130,000 square feet of production and inventory space.

Northlake Steel is a lot bigger and does a lot more than we did in 1977, but one thing hasn’t changed at all – our commitment to quality.  Our goal for the future is to continue growing our business by providing our customers with world-class products and services.

Quality – Start to Finish

Our product quality starts with the steel that we purchase.  We qualify our vendors and purchase material from mills that consistently meet our high standards.  We have decades of fine tuning the processes for producing cold finished steel bars and our employees are master craftsmen in operating cold finishing equipment.  From the steel we buy to the people we hire, Northlake is focused on quality.

Our People

We hire and train some of the best machine operators in the cold finishing industry.  Many of our operators have more than 20 years of experience producing cold finished steel bars.  Our sales and office staff also have the experience to help you with all of your steel needs.  We strive for quality through exceptional customer service.

Our Products

We produce and stock a comprehensive line of cold finished, round, steel bar products.  Our inventory includes turned, ground, and polished; cold drawn; linear shafting; chrome plated; and induction hardened chrome plated bars.  Because of our commitment to quality, we inspect every bar throughout the manufacturing process and maintain tighter than industry standard diameter and straightness tolerances.  Our steel bars are produced to the highest quality because we understand what you and your products require.

Our Service

At times, the job calls for something a little out of the ordinary.  We are often presented with questions and inquiries for unusual length, diameter, surface finish, straightness, and other requirements.  We seek to meet these needs and aim to exceed the expectations of our customers.