Northlake OTD 2017-3

Northlake Steel 2017 Period 3 On Time Delivery

Northlake Steel 2017 Period 3 On Time Delivery Report (1st Quarter 2017)

We have continued to meet and exceed our on time shipping goal average.  The below chart represents our Northlake Steel 2017 period 3 on time delivery report for all controllable shipments.

During the past 12 months, we’ve met our goals by achieving a 98.00% or better on time delivery percentage average.

The actual percentage of orders shipped on time for the prior three periods are as follows:

  • 100% on time = Period 1
  • 96.88% on time = Period 2
  • 96.01% on time = Period 3

Our goal and per our 2017 Quality Objectives is 98.00% or better on time controllable delivery.

Northlake Steel 2017 Period 3 On Time Delivery

% of controllable orders that shipped on time to the customer thru period 3 2017, going back one year

For more information, please click here to learn about our Quality Policy and ISO Credentials.

*Note our periods run every 4 weeks, 13 periods in one year.

Cold Finished Steel Bar Processing Up to 16” Diameter and 75′ Long Capabilities

Northlake Steel Corporation’s superior straightness, roundness, surface finish, and size tolerances make us an easy choice for all your cold finished steel bar needs.

History and Background

Northlake started in 1977 as a 10,000 square foot facility in Mentor, Ohio.  At that time we had only a handful of machines and operators producing turned, ground, and polished steel shafting.  In 1979, we relocated to a 40,000 square foot facility in Valley View.  We then moved into our current facility in Valley City in 1995.  This was an 82,000 square foot facility built for cold finishing.  At that time, we installed a cold drawing line to produce cold drawn bars up to 6” round.  In 2013 we added 45,000 square feet to improve manufacturing efficiency and allow for additional equipment to be installed.  We also added 4,500 square feet of cold storage to increase our existing floor space and improve material flow.  We currently have over 130,000 square feet of production and inventory space.

Northlake Steel is a lot bigger and does a lot more than we did in 1977, but one thing hasn’t changed at all – our commitment to quality.  Our goal for the future is to continue growing our business by providing our customers with world-class products and services.

“Precision shafting ground to a tolerance finer than a human hair”®

Happy 40th anniversary Northlake Steel!

Northlake Steel